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10 Common Pain Points for Small/Medium Size Companies

  1. Finding sustainable and profitable growth

  2. Scaling the business

  3. Acquiring top talent and putting the right people in the right seats

  4. Complicated business with lack of processes

  5. Limited financial rigor or disciplined investments

  6. High customer or product concentration

  7. Industry maturation/change

  8. ‘Insideritus’ or lack of an outside view

  9. Limited access to capital

  10. Long-term strategic + succession planning

5 CEO-specific challenges

  1. I spend too much time IN the business and not enough time ON the business

  2. I wear too many hats (finance, operations, sales, janitor, etc.)

  3. I don’t have enough time to manage our people

  4. I don’t have enough time or space to think strategically or consider what this business should look like in 5 years

  5. I feel professionally lonely


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