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After a Revelate engagement, our goal is for our partners to be able to say the following:


  • We are more aligned and focused on what matters most.

  • We are able to see things that we couldn't previously see, and we can see farther out.

  • We feel an emotional weight has been lifted that not only impacts the business but us as individuals as well.

  • We are in better shape and excited to embrace tomorrow with greater clarity and simplicity.

  • We have implemented a clear plan that is increasing the value of our business.

Diagnose & Align – 4 months

  1. Identify where you are Today - Complete a thorough business diagnostic focused on business, financial, industry and organizational health

  2. Build the Bridge to Tomorrow – Develop a comprehensive business plan focused on your leadership team, organizational structure, and strategic growth plan (1, 3, 5 and 10 years)



Revelate engagements.

Implementation – Rolling 12-months

  1. Assistance in the ongoing execution of your comprehensive business plan focused on your Leadership team, organizational structure, and strategic growth plan (1, 3, 5 and 10 years).

  2. Unlimited interaction for Owner/CEO with all members of the Revelate team.

  3. If desired by Owner/CEO, then Revelate will attend weekly Leadership team meetings.

  4. Quarterly 1-day offsite meetings with your Leadership team focused on assessing current performance and planning for the remainder of the year,

  5. Annual 2-day offsite meeting with your Leadership team focused on assessing the previous year versus plan, revisiting your Leadership team, Organizational structure, and strategic growth plan.

  6. Contribute any additional services deemed mutually beneficial to you and your team in executing your strategic growth plan.



Helping small and medium size businesses write the next chapter in their story.


$25 million revenue Brokerage Firm

  • Strategic expansion study focused on laying out long term growth opportunities

  • Business Development strategy and execution with marketing and sales departments

  • Re-capitalization

  • M&A due diligence

  • Counsel and weekly engagement with executive leadership team

  • Achieved 50%+ growth in first two years of engagement


$40m revenue Investment & Professional Services Firm

  • Co-founded Equity Research firm that grew from $0 to $35 million in 3 years

  • Built industry leading research platform as recognize by the Wall Street Journal and Institutional Investor

  • Launched Market Research platform that grew to $10 million in 5 years

  • Incubated and grew Advisory Services platform with $1 million of incremental engagements

$18m revenue Accounting FiRM

  • Restructured Leadership team and transitioned from Partner managed to Professionally led firm to remove bottlenecks and increase speed of decision making

  • Implemented EOS as the operating structure for the business improving accountability and quickness of decision making across the firm

  • Established joint venture in wealth management as part of long term growth plan to diversify revenue

  • Built business plan and helped launch advisory services platform

  • Led transition to virtual work environment during Covid and helped exceed fiscal year profitability goals

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